Available Vacancies

See here for available vacancies at KMG

Become a vendor
This scheme is poverty eradication driven as vendors and cooler girls will not need to invest a kobo. Because, all selling equipments will be given to them and products are given to them for sale every morning without any deposit. This will therefore provide them means of livelihood thereby reducing the level of unemployment.

Please contact us for further information on becoming a vendor.

Become an agent
Agents are like sub-distributors. They will be given products at lower price. Only one agent will be allowed within an area. An agent is expected to establish its own cooler girls and vendors. They will be assisted with push carts, bicycles, coolers and where necessary, freezers and generators.

Please contact us for further information on becoming an agent.

Other supply

Businesses, including supermarkets, eateries, hotels, filling stations will be given weekly supply of fruit drinks with a maximum of 5 days credits.

Please contact us for this arrangement.